To all the alumni, students, interested high schoolers, well-wishers, fellow travelers, curiosity-seekers, and professors’ mothers who’ve landed here, welcome to the blog of the Bethel University Department of History!

For those not in the first two categories, a quick word about the blog title: we’re longtime inhabitants of an intersection of two hallways on the 2nd floor of Bethel’s AC building, where we intermingle with political scientists, accountants, ornithologists, and others — a microcosm of Bethel’s commitment to the liberal arts and to the interconnectedness of knowledge. (All truth is God’s truth!)

Our neck of the woods at Bethel: AC 2ndOur goals here… There are several, though others will surely come up as we — and guests like you — make use of this space. Here are the main objectives at the outset:

To improve our communication with our various constituencies. Even at a small university like Bethel, it can be hard to stay in touch with all the people who are important to our department. So in recent years we’ve set up a Facebook page and started a quarterly departmental podcast. In that spirit, this blog will also try to keep us better connected to our students (current, former, and prospective), who are at the heart of our mission.

To create space for student and alumni voices. While our professors will contribute most of the posts here, we also want this to become a community space — open to our students, alumni, and guests. Hopefully it will become an outlet for journaling and reflection assignments in some of our courses, for example. At the very least, use it to share thoughts and suggestions with us through the Comments sections!

To share opportunities related to the study and practice of history. Expect us to post news of events (at Bethel and elsewhere in the Twin Cities), internships, scholarships, competitions, etc. that might be interesting to students and alumni.

To talk about what one does with a History major. Besides linking to job and internship fairs and opportunities, we’ll try to highlight former students who have gone on to careers in a variety of fields.

To help our students and alumni develop as lifelong learners. Look for us to suggest books, articles, blogs, movies, TV shows, plays, museum exhibitions, etc. More than that, we’ll try to talk about how one can continue to nurture a love for history as a vocation or avocation.

To reflect on our mission and identity as a history department at a Christian college. What does it mean to be a Christian historian? To teach history as people who (to quote a few of Bethel’s core values) are committed to following Christ, seeking truth, building character, reconciling, and being salt and light — in the world, but not of it?

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