The Peace Corps and Council of Non-Profits

According to our most recent alumni survey, something like 10% of our graduates work in the non-profit sector, and many more aspire to such a career. So today we’ll highlight a couple of upcoming presentations that might help students and recent alumni break into this field.

First, Bethel will host an informational session about the Peace Corps on Thursday, February 23, 4:00-5:30pm in HC 241. Here’s the promotional blurb from our Career Services office:

Since 1960, Peace Corps workers have given their time and energy in over 135 host countries in the areas of education, youth outreach, community and business development, agriculture and environment, health and HIV/AIDS, and information technology. This exciting experience includes benefits such as: living allowance, medical care, transportation to/from country of service, and stipend upon completion of the 27 month program.

The program is quite explicit about wanting to appeal to students of all majors. Here’s a brief testimonial from a volunteer doing youth development in Peru:

As a liberal arts major and then Peace Corps Volunteer, I understand just how intertwined we all are in this world and how relationship-based life really is. In school, I cast my net wide to learn about a broad base of subjects, while volunteering in my community. This background helped prepare me for Peace Corps service, where I was able to work with people to improve their lives while also exploring my passions and specializing my skill sets.

The Peace Corps considers applications from anyone over 18, and it is possible to defer repayment on several federal student loan programs. (See the FAQ section for this and other matters.)

If you’re interested in doing non-profit work closer to home, you might want to attend a presentation by the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits on Thursday, March 8, 10:15-11:00am in AC 228. This talk will highlight job and internship opportunities with the 2,000 organizations that are members of the MCN. For a preview, here’s the MCN page on “Working for a Nonprofit.”


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