A Conversation with G.W. Carlson and Jim Johnson

Bethel History Faculty, 1980s
The Bethel History Department in the 1980s: (left to right) Jim Johnson, Kevin Cragg, G.W. Carlson, Neil Lettinga — The History Center: Archives of the BGC and Bethel University

As we announced at the beginning of the month, G.W. Carlson is retiring in May. I’m a little sketchy on my history of the History Department at Bethel, but I think that the last member of our faculty to retire was Jim Johnson, longtime U.S. historian.

Catch two of the least retiring retirees in the world when Jim and GW present their conversation on the “Historian as Story Teller” — Thursday, February 23, 10:20-11:00am, Bethel University Library Fireside Lounge. As always, coffee and refreshments will accompany the presentation, and the Friends of the Library will have their annual meeting right after the event concludes. (Click here for more about that worthy organization.)


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