The Quest for the “Beloved Community” at Bethel University

This past weekend Bethel again hosted the Moberg Conference, an event presenting sociological perspectives on reconciliation that’s named in honor of former Bethel professor David O. Moberg. This year’s conference focused on the theme, “Interfaith Dialog and Reconciliation.”

All sessions are available as podcasts on iTunes U, including the keynote talks by Joseph Liechty (professor of peace, justice & conflict studies at Goshen College) and Mohammad Abu-Nimer (professor of international peace and conflict resolution at American University).

Another of the presenters was our own G.W. Carlson. Entitled “The Quest for the ‘Beloved Community’ at Bethel University,” GW’s talk considered evangelical models of racial reconciliation, especially as it has been pursued at Bethel.

Click here to get the podcasts. GW’s is #7 in the list. (If you don’t have the iTunes software, you can download it for free.)


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