Spring Break starts at 4pm, and in meteorological terms, it started several days ago, as the Twin Cities have suddenly acquired a Mediterranean climate in mid-March. So it’s a lazy kind of Friday here at Bethel, and we won’t have any substantive posts today or for the next few days.

But in case you missed them, here are the most popular posts at AC 2nd in the last month:

  1. Study World War I in Europe!
  2. Senior Sem Journal: Kwame Nkrumah and the Cold War
  3. Weekend Reading (Feb. 25th)
  4. Shrinking Graduate Programs
  5. Historians in a “Wikified” World
  6. Senior Sem Journal: What Do Historians Do? (part 1)
  7. A Conversation with G.W. Carlson and Jim Johnson
  8. Senior Sem Journal: The History of Women in Higher Education
  9. What to Do with a Graduate Degree in History?
  10. Senior Sem Journal: Edison and Tesla

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