Blog of the Month: Disunion

One of the objectives of this blog is to encourage alumni and students of this department to cultivate habits of lifelong learning. While many of our former students don’t work in jobs directly related to history, we assume that their undergraduate interest in the past never entirely went away — and ought to be nourished by continued reading, museum visits, film watching, and other activities.

That’s why we collect a series of historical blog posts from around the Internet and post them as “Weekend Reading” every Saturday morning.

To a similar end, each month we’ll be highlighting other blogs that discuss history in an interesting, well-researched, and well-written fashion.

This month, a New York Times-hosted blog on the history and legacy of the U.S. Civil War:


Frequency of Posts: every 1-2 days

Five Most Recent Posts:

Started last year for the sesquicentennial of the start of the Civil War, Disunion features well-written posts on a wide range of Civil War topics. Most distinctively, it brings together authors from the academy and beyond: history professors rub shoulders with writers, journalists, archivists (the “Dixie” post above is by an editor of the Abraham Lincoln papers), and Civil War buffs. It’s particularly good at taking us into hidden corners of the Civil War (e.g., several posts have concerned lesser-known theaters of the war like Missouri, New Mexico, and California) and at exploring the African-American experience of the conflict. See also A House Divided, hosted by the Times‘ archrival, the Washington Post.


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