Weekend Reading

Horatio Greenough's statue of George Washington
Horatio Greenough's much-maligned statue of George Washington

• According to a contest sponsored by London’s National Army Museum, Britain’s “most outstanding military opponent” in all of history is… <drum roll> George Washington! (H/T Scot McKnight)

• Does a museum in Hamburg, Germany own a statue of a female gladiator?

• A couple of fascinating stories from our blog of the month: the life and times of Judah P. Benjamin, the Jewish secretary of war and then state for the Confederacy; and historian Susan Matt on homesickness in the armies of the Blue and the Gray.

• How the Allies closed the “pigeon gap” in World War I.

• In Israel, one Holocaust survivor dies every hour. “We are really racing against the clock to find every survivor and get their stories told before they die,” said the manager of the Shoah Names Recovery Project.

• A silly but fun history of facial hair.

• Equal time: after I shared some semi-dismal perspectives on graduate school, here are eight reasons why you should consider going to grad school. (Admittedly, one of them is that “…you will eventually die,” so take it for what it’s worth.)


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