Weekend Reading

• A 7th century leather-bound copy of the Gospel of John is the oldest European book that remains fully intact.

X-ray of Teddy Roosevelt
X-ray of Teddy Roosevelt after the 1912 assassination attempt: the bullet is at bottom-left - Wikimedia

• Southerners who saw the judgments of God in the military defeats suffered in the Civil War: not as a punishment for owning slaves, but for mistreating them.

• Teddy Roosevelt, and the German immigrant who nearly assassinated him.

• During the week we got to introduce our newest history professor, Amy Poppinga, who specializes in the history of Muslims in America. For the story of Islam in Dearborn, Michigan — going back to the Lebanese immigrants lured by the jobs offered by Ford Motor Company, see this post at the Religion in American History blog.

• One more attempt to correct the enduring myth that officials at Ellis Island changed the last names of immigrants as they entered the United States. (H/T John Fea)

• Want to make life easier on your descendants when they get the itch to study family history? Writer and editor Jana Riess has some advice.

• The return of an old workplace tradition: standing, not sitting, at your desk.


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