History Major as Nonprofit Entrepreneur: Tim Anderson and Ace Hoops

The current issue of Bethel Magazine features a story about nine alumni who have started their own business or nonprofit organizations. One of the nine is Tim Anderson (’05), who majored in History and Social Studies Education (then went back to Bethel for his M.A. in Teaching as well). A basketball player during his days at Bethel, Tim founded Ace Hoops, a Christian nonprofit organization

with a vision to expand the impact of basketball far beyond lined-courts and gymnasiums. Ace Hoops engages this sport to build evidence that youth who are captivated by actively pursuing a healthy interest will grow in knowledge, good character, & social awareness.

Offering basketball camps, community events, and after-school programming in South Minneapolis, and participating in a missions partnership with Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico, Tim’s organization

seeks to be powerful in life-changing events. We want to equip our kids with a wide array of physical, spiritual, and mental abilities that will not only benefit them personally, but will flow out to positively impact their communities. Moving beyond a quick crossover or sound jump shot, Ace Hoops and our volunteers ultimately seek to instill fundamental life and faith skills within the lives of our youth.

In the Bethel Magazine article, Tim makes clear that you don’t have to train in entrepreneurship or management to enter his field:

I don’t have business savvy or training. Scripture shows how God often uses people to carry out His work who are different than the world would choose. God led me to do this work, and I just try to remain obedient even if the work seems unconventional.

Indeed, of the nine alumni featured, only four majored in a Business field. Besides Tim, the others studied English, art, theology, communications, and elementary education.

If you would like to support Tim and Ace Hoops with a donation, click here.


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