Photos from GW Retirement Events

Over the last week we’ve had several opportunities to gather and celebrate the career of G.W. Carlson, who is retiring from full-time teaching at Bethel as of tomorrow’s commencement exercises. (Well, as of next Friday’s deadline to submit grades — he can’t leave that work unfinished.) Here are some images of those celebrations: first, a barbecue for students and faculty in the History and Political Science departments; second, this past Wednesday’s all-community reception in the Bethel library.

GW Barbecue #1
The world premiere of Citizen Carlson, our retirement film honoring GW – courtesy Matisse Murray
GW Barbecue #2
GW speaking at the end of our barbecue – courtesy Matisse Murray
GW Barbecue #3
At the end of the evening, GW presented books to each of his colleagues. Here he embraces Diana Magnuson – courtesy Matisse Murray
GW Reception #1
The crowd filling in for GW’s reception in the Library
GW Reception #2
Bethel president Jay Barnes paying tribute to GW
GW Reception #3
GW delivering some benedictory exhortations
GW Reception #4
One of our parting gifts for GW: a movie poster signed by all the reception attendees

We also presented GW with a specially published book featuring historic photos and letters, anecdotes, poems, quotations, and other memories from colleagues and students. And we were able to announce that we’ve raised over $2600 in gifts made in his honor to the Bert & Bernice Carlson Scholarship Fund, which honors his parents’ memory by helping to support six History and Political Science majors with financial need. If you’d like to contribute to that fund, click here, select “Other” on the designation drop-down menu, and then enter “Bert & Bernice Carlson Scholarship.”


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