Weekend Reading

This week: monastic asceticism; heresy and death in the Middle Ages; John Adams, statesman; from revolution in Germany to civil war in America; news on the Lincoln assassination; camels in WWI; Ray Bradbury in the USSR; presidential campaign posters; and your chance to publicize your Senior Sem research.

• How ordinary Romans went from despising tyrants to flattering emperors.

• The story of St. Columbanus — the “monastic Bobby Knight” — who coached fellow monks in following radical ascetic lifestyles.

• Philip Jenkins wonders if the medieval heretics known as Albigensians (or Cathars) possessed 2nd century Christian documents unknown to the rest of Christian Europe?

• What better way to spend a SoCal vacation that to stop by Los Angeles’ Getty Center to take in an exhibit of medieval images of death?

• The case for John Adams as one of the greatest statesmen in American history. (H/T American Creation)

• The German revolutionary who became an American diplomat and then Union general during the Civil War.

• Just when you think that there couldn’t possibly be anything new to find related to someone as famous as Abraham Lincoln… A researcher came across the 21-page report filed by the first doctor to attend Lincoln after he was shot.

• Taking a closer look at a legendary diplomatic crisis involving a British diplomat, the mistress of a South American dictator, and Queen Victoria’s attempt to change the map with her pen.

• One of the lesser known but more fascinating units to have fought in World War I: the Imperial Camel Corps.

1876 Hayes Poster
1876 poster for Rutherford B. Hayes – Library of Congress

• Did you know: in 1931, two out of every three American counties had no bookstore?

• How the 68th anniversary of D-Day was commemorated in the U.S. and Europe.

• In the last thirty years of the existence of the Soviet Union, perhaps no American author was more popular than science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, who died this past week.

• A new book surveys two hundred years of presidential campaign posters.

• And if you recently graduated from Bethel and were wondering what to do with that Senior Seminar paper you slaved over for fourth months… Well, Huffington Post wants to hear from you.


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