Teaching Social Studies (and Other Subjects) in Guatemala

An opportunity for Bethel Social Studies and History alumni who are interested in combining teaching with missions:

[Christian Academy of Guatemala] is a non-profit, non-denominational day school whose ministry is to the English speaking, missionary community of Guatemala in Central America. This school year we have a total enrollment of 223 students. While we do accept a few non-missionary families from the U. S. Embassy and local business community, our focus always has been on the M.K. For an MK school we have a very low percentage of non- MKs, about 20%.

Due to staff members who are here on a short term basis (2 years) who are completing their assignments, and to those who are here long term (4 years or more) leaving for furloughs, we are a constantly changing entity with need for new personnel every yearBeside our core Teachers we always have need for specialist teachers, people that would like to come and aid our core teachers in the areas of Science, Math, Computer Ed, English, A.P., etc. we also have positions for non-academic instructors such as art, P.E., music, etc. We can always utilize people with secretarial and administrative skills, people with business, public relations and marketing experience; people with construction and maintenance talents; computer knowledge; counselors; and many other positions. We truly have need at all levels….

Our ideal profile for a new teacher is someone with a teaching certificate, and some actual classroom experience. We do, however, occasionally accept teachers who are not certified and/or have not had formal classroom teaching experience….

For more details, see the full announcement as posted at the Conference on Faith and History Grad Students blog (it’s certainly not limited to those continuing their historical studies in master’s and doctoral programs).

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