This past Tuesday and Wednesday our profs joined their peers for Bethel’s annual, pre-semester Faculty Retreat. For one of the sessions on Tuesday morning college dean Deb Harless asked faculty to cluster together at tables and answer the following question:

What are some hallmarks of the College of Arts and Sciences at Bethel University?

Faculty mentioned everything from Bethel’s Pietist heritage and close-knit community to the centrality of the liberal arts and general education curriculum to the school’s ability to balance academic freedom and Christian commitment.

We’re curious to hear from our alumni and students: What do you think are hallmarks of Bethel? Please use the Comment space to tell us what you think is most distinctive about Bethel — and its History Department.

P.S. Alumni and students will also be happy to learn that their former/current teachers did the department proud throughout the retreat:

  • Among other faculty accomplishments, President Jay Barnes highlighted AnneMarie Kooistra’s participation in a summer seminar at Yale University on slave narratives
  • Amy Poppinga was among the new professors introduced to the faculty
  • Diana Magnuson awarded faculty excellence awards on behalf of the Professional Development Committee
  • Ruben Rivera and his fellow members of the Retreat Committee received universal applause for their planning work — and for their decision to base the first day of retreat at The Mermaid
  • …whose bowling alley hosted a very special faculty break-out session, where our own Chris Gehrz rolled the high score (178)

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