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This week: questions about Dr. Seuss,  ballooning, philosophy, the threat of nuclear holocaust, and two of the four heads on Mt. Rushmore.

Sophie Blanchard flight in 1810

Sophie Blanchard takes flight in 1810 – Library of Congress

• Always wonder what you missed by not taking a History of Philosophy survey? Try the graphic novel version.

• Did you know that Napoleon had a “chief air minister of ballooning”? Her name was Sophie Blanchard.

• What’s it like to be an extra in a Civil War movie? (part 1, part 2)

• Unsatisfied with the two major candidates for president? Try this up-and-comer who hails from Springfield, Illinois.

• Which famous third-party candidate for the presidency survived an assassination attempt 100 years ago this past Sunday?

• What did Dr. Seuss do during World War II?

• What did our own Prof. Chris Gehrz write about the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or what it has to do with another landmark event that recently turned fifty: Vatican II? (Here’s another Protestant historian — soon to be host of a conference on the Reformation — reflecting on the legacy of the Second Vatican Council.)

• What did historians think of the second presidential debate?

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