Reformation “Pun” Day!

In an amazing convergence, this Wednesday, October 31st, is not only “Fall Advising and Assessment Day” at Bethel University (no classes!), but both Halloween and Reformation Day!

So, freed from the distraction of having to teach students, Professors Poppinga and Mulberry have thrown their collective creativity into organizing something they like to call…

Luther as monk
“Here I stand. I can do no other… than to come to Reformation Pun Day!”

Reformation “Pun” Day

A celebration of Martin Luther’s 95 “TREAT”ses

If you’re a current student — or an alum looking for an excuse to visit campus and eat candy with former professors — plan on stopping by our corner of AC 2nd anytime between 10am and noon for a progressive pilgrimage of Protestant Reformation-themed treats. The (p)un starts at Professor Poppinga’s (AC211) where you will receive a receptacle for your goodies and further instructions on how to proceed from office to office. Brush up on your Reformation history and get some good grub in the process.

We daren’t give away all of Amy and Sam’s surprises, but expect to sample chocolatey “indulgences,” a suitably edible tribute to the Diet of Worms, and — for a salty, crunchy change of pace — Tetzel’s Pretzels!


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