This week: Constantine, piggy banks, birth control, contacting the dead, neolithic dentistry, and two historical podcasts to check out.

• It turns out that dentistry is as old as the Stone Age.

• And piggy banks go back to 2nd century (BC) China and Turkey.

The Milvian Bridge
The Milvian Bridge today – Creative Commons (Anthony Majanlahti)

• The 1700th anniversary of the Battle of Milvian Bridge was this past Tuesday. And if that name doesn’t ring a bell from class with Kevin Cragg, click the link to learn why the events of that day changed the world.

• The history of Spiritualism in 19th century America.

• Margaret Sanger and the history of contraception in 20th century America.

• An interview with one of the country’s leading theorists of history education.

• Why getting a PhD in History doesn’t necessarily resolve in a tenure-track faculty position — or working at Starbucks.

• And a couple of history podcast recommendations: First, the History Today Podcast, the most recent episode of which features a discussion of the emergence of the American nuclear family in the 1950s…

• …then Bethel History alum JeaNell (George) Krupnick (’05) recommends the podcast The Memory Palace for its “…awesome historical story telling. Some are as short as a minute or two, some as long as 10-15 minutes. Really accessible and engaging.”

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