How to Follow Our World War I Travel Course Online

Tonight we’ll be sending two of our professors (Chris Gehrz and Sam Mulberry) and twelve Bethel students on a plane to London to start a three-week travel course (HIS230L) in Europe. They’ll be studying the history and legacy of World War I in England (London and Oxford), Belgium (Ypres), France (Vimy, the Somme, Belleau, Paris, Versailles), and Germany (Munich and Dachau).

If you’re interested in following their progress…

  • One of the students, Elementary Education/History major Sarah Herb (’14), will be blogging about her experiences, at Belle Souvenirs
  • Tour leader Chris Gehrz has written extensively about the war and this course at his blog, The Pietist Schoolman. Earlier this morning he posted the itinerary of the trip, with day-by-day suggestions for posts to read that would give insight into the class’ experiences in Europe.
  • Then he’s planning to post updates here at AC 2nd during off-days in London and Paris (January 10th and 17th, if all goes according to schedule), plus occasional reports on Twitter.

Once we’re into the spring semester, look for us to announce an event at which course participants will share some of what they learned, what struck/surprised them, etc.


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