We missed the exact anniversary in the hustle and bustle of a new semester starting, but as of this month we’re happy to have entered our second year of blogging. Coincidentally, we also just passed the 10,000 visit mark! Thanks to everyone for reading!

The most popular posts in the first year of AC 2nd:

  1. Honoring G.W.
  2. From AC 2nd to… The Army JAG Corps
  3. Senior Sem Journal: Kwame Nkrumah and the Cold War
  4. Study World War I in Europe!
  5. Best History Books of 2012?
  6. WWI: Week One Update (London)
  7. Welcome to Our Newest Professor: Amy Poppinga
  8. My Internship with… The American Swedish Institute
  9. WWI: Week Two Update (The Western Front)
  10. A Conversation with G.W. Carlson and Jim Johnson
  11. Faculty Summer Reading: Diana Magnuson
  12. The US-Dakota War, 150 Years Later
  13. WWI: Week Three Update (Paris)
  14. Studying Abroad… in Scotland
  15. From AC 2nd to… Seminary (part 1)
  16. “I Want To Be Employable”: From History to the Business World
  17. Citizen Carlson: A Film about G.W.
  18. “I Want To Be Employable”: A New Survey Finds Employers Hiring Liberal Arts Majors
  19. From AC 2nd to… Graduate Study in Ancient History
  20. Senior Sem Journal: The History of Women in Higher Education

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