Thinking about Going to Seminary?

It didn’t crack our list of the top five professions where our graduates end up, but Bethel’s History Department has graduated its fair share of pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, and others who work for and in the church. (Our first From AC 2nd to… interview was with Seth Rima, a 2009 grad pursuing his M.Div. at Southern Baptist Seminary.)

If you’re thinking about a career in ministry, Bethel Seminary (St. Paul) will be holding an informational session on Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 7pm. From the announcement:

Have you ever felt like you were meant to lead, preach, or teach? When you minister and serve others, do you feel alive and full of passion? Do you have a love for Scripture and a desire to lead others in the practical application of the great and epic story of God?

Those interested are asked to register by the 15th: online, by e-mail, or by phone (651/638-6288.)


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