Bethel History and Social Studies Group on LinkedIn

LinkedInIf you’re a student, past or present, of our department, consider becoming a member of our new alumni and students group on LinkedIn.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn… It’s a 200 million member social network intended for professionals — like Facebook it’s free and requires nothing more than a name and e-mail address to get started making connections with people around the world; unlike Facebook, it features resumes and job announcements, not memes and games.

We’re opening the group to any Bethel alumnus (or current student) with a major in History or Social Studies Education (or a minor in History), though we’d also consider other alumni who took History courses, even if they didn’t complete one of our programs. Our goals are pretty straightforward: to help members reconnect with friends and faculty, network with people sharing similar interests and experiences, post or seek job/internship opportunities, and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Contact Prof. Chris Gehrz if you have any questions: cgehrz (at) bethel (dot) edu.


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