Congratulations to Matisse Murray, first-prize winner of the 2012-2013 Friends of the Bethel University Library Prize for Library Research!  Look for an announcement soon about when you can see Matisse present her paper, “Trees Nestled Among Skyscrapers: Frederick Law Olmsted and the Creation of Central Park.”

Matisse joins a long list of other History students who have won prizes in this competition:

Larissa Thune, 2nd place (2011-2012): “The Hutterian Brethren in South Dakota: The Impact of the American Frontier on an Ethnic-Religious, Immigrant Community, 1874-1945”

Joel McDougall, 3rd place (2011-2012): “Will the Real Sozheitsyn Please Stand Up?: An American Response to the Works of Alexander Sozhenitsyn: 1953-1978”

Eric Magnuson, 2nd place (2010-2011): “The Convictions of Pope John Paul II: An Exploration of Liberation Theology in Latin America”

Taylor Ferda, 1st place (2009-2010): “Alcuin and Vikings: A Theology of Carolingian Election, Chastisement, and Exaltation”

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