Summer Internships at the Minnesota Historical Society

Interested in exploring a career in public history? Take advantage of our proximity to one of the best state historical societies in the country and apply for one of the eighteen internships available this coming summer at the Minnesota Historical Society.

MN Historical Society logoApplications will be available April 1-14 at the MHS internships page. In the meantime, MHS (through its Internships Program Facebook page) recommends potential applicants get a head start by preparing the following:

1. Resume: make sure to update your resume. Be sure to have a friend or your career/internship office proofread this for you. [note: this is something with which one of counselors in Bethel’s Career Development and Calling office can definitely help]

2. Cover letter: prepare one for the position you are interested in.

3. References: Confirm that you have at least 3 responsive references willing to speak to your skills if you get a position; they can be previous supervisors, teachers/professors, advisors, mentors, etc.

4. Samples: If the position calls for writing samples, or art samples, be sure to have a few copies you can submit with your application.

There are sixteen MHS departments looking for interns. Full information will be available at the MHS website starting next Monday, but you can also e-mail the MHS internships program for a preview: internships (at) mnhs (dot) org.

You can receive academic credit for internships like this (HIS481). See the Bethel policy on academic internships for further details. (Note that you would need to arrange ahead of time with a Bethel faculty member to supervise the internship in conjunction with someone on-site.)


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