Since the first days of this blog, we’ve been featuring interviews with Bethel History alumni who have taken a wide variety of career paths. Just recently we added interviews with a college admissions counselor, a corporate vice president, and the coordinator of publications for a Christian organization.

If you’ve missed the series so far, here’s your chance to catch up and learn why you really can do almost anything with a History major. From oldest to newest, every entry to date in the From AC 2nd to… series:

In addition, check out our interview with our newest colleague, Amy (Kline-Blount) Poppinga, who graduated from Bethel with a History/Social Studies Education degree in 1999.

Before the spring semester is done, we still hope to feature interviews with at least two more alumni: a worship leader at a local church and a History major who went back to school to get a master’s in teaching. And if you’re an alum working in a field not yet represented, please let us know if you’d be interested in being interviewed!

2 thoughts on “What Can You Do with a History Major?

  1. I’m teaching undergrad Biblical Studies, Theology, and Environmental Ethics at Fresno Pacific University. I’ve assigned John Muir readings and then I’ll take my students on a hike where John Muir scouted the Sierras next weekend. My love of learning started with my History degree at Bethel. Thanks, BU!

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