The trophy for the BU Library Research Prize
The coveted traveling trophy

As we reported in March, History/Social Studies student Matisse Murray (’13) was awarded the 2013 Friends of the Bethel University Library Prize for Library Research, for her Senior Seminar research project, “Trees Nestled Among Skyscrapers: Frederick Law Olmsted and the Creation of Central Park.” Matisse is the second History major to win the award in its four years of existence. (Taylor Ferda won the inaugural award in 2010, for a paper on the response of the 8th century scholar-saint Alcuin to Viking invasions. Here’s the video of his talk and here’s the paper itself.)

There will be a ceremony in the Library next Thursday, May 9, 10:15am at which the Library Research Prize will be presented and Matisse will give a talk based on her paper. Hope to see you all there!

Some of Matisse’s other written work has already been published on this blog: we posted her essay on individualism and collectivism in early 20th century America (from HIS350 Modern America), and she was one of the students to share their reflections on the World War I travel course that premiered this past January.

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