G.W. CarlsonBusy even in retirement, professor emeritus of History and Political Science G.W. Carlson has published several pieces in the last couple months:

  • The new issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion, co-edited by G.W., is now available. (Download the full PDF here.) It features reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. (including one on King’s “Kitchen Prayer” by GW, who also contributes an article on Bethel founder John Alexis Edgren and his opposition to slavery) and Jonathan Larson’s eulogy for Virgil Olson, the longtime Bethel professor and Baptist General Conference historian.
  • GW wrote his own two-part tribute to Virgil at The Pietist Schoolman, exploring not only Virgil’s role in shaping BGC and Bethel identity (part 1), but his commitment to missions and global Christianity (part 2).
  • Also at that blog, GW penned a tribute to the Baptist minister, writer, and civil rights activist Will D. Campbell, focusing on Campbell’s understanding of what it means to be a Baptist (influenced by the Anabaptists — part 1) and his commitment to redemption, reconciliation, and justice (part 2).

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