Welcome, Prof. Thostenson!

Katie Thostenson at Roman ruins in Cologne
At the ruins of the Roman Praetorium in Cologne, Germany…

It’s been fairly quiet here at AC 2nd over the summer, but now that we’re back in class you can expect lots of news and announcements this week. Starting with a welcome to an old friend who’s joining our faculty for 2013-2014…

With the retirement of Kevin Cragg last year, one of his former students has returned to teach ancient and medieval history at Bethel. Katie Thostenson (’05) is a doctoral student in Classics at the University of Edinburgh, where she researches the early Christian writer Tertullian, ancient medical theories about the female body, and the social history of the Roman Empire (in particular the status and roles of women in that society). She also holds a master’s in Ancient History from the University of St Andrews.

As an adjunct instructor this year, Prof. Thostenson will teach two upper-division surveys (HIS312 Medieval Europe this fall, HIS311 Roman Civilization in the spring) and sections of College Writing and Christianity and Western Culture. You can learn more about her experience at Bethel and her graduate studies from an interview we conducted with her last July.

Please take a moment to welcome Prof. Thostenson, or to send her a word of congratulations.


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