For current students and recent grads… Save the date: Saturday, October 5. From 10:00-11:00 that morning in The Underground, some distinguished graduates of the History Department will join with alumni from English, Philosophy, and Political Science to talk about how their liberal arts education has translated into careers in a variety of fields. Part of Bethel’s Homecoming celebration, we’re calling the event “Linking Liberal Arts and Life after Bethel.”

Bethel Homecoming 2013 logo

It’ll kick off with a short film featuring one-time History major Brandon Raatikka (’03) and three other humanities alumni talking about their undergraduate studies, how they dealt with the uncertainty of picking a non-professional major, and how their Christian liberal arts education at Bethel prepared them for further study and for success in their jobs. Then we’ll save the bulk of the time for participants to have conversations with a larger group of English, Poli Sci, Philosophy, and History alumni spread around five tables: Business, Government & Nonprofits, Law, Pastoral Ministry, and Writing & Publishing.

We’ll keep things moving, giving you a chance to rotate tables every eight minutes or so. Or if there’s a single field that particularly interests you, stay at that table for the whole event and get to know those alums better.

Either way, it’s a great chance to hear the stories of our graduates, to ask their advice, and to network. It’s free and doesn’t require registration — just show up at The Underground on Oct. 5 at 10am.

And whether you can make it then or not, remember that you can also connect with Bethel History and Social Studies alumni at our LinkedIn group.

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