Minnesota and WWI at Fort Snelling This Weekend

Historic Fort SnellingIf you’re interested in military history or Minnesota history in general and World War I and this state’s experience of it in particular, then head over to Historic Fort Snelling this Saturday, Sept. 21, 10am-5pm for a special event, Minnesota and the First World War:

The U.S. joined WWI in 1917, and Fort Snelling was mobilized to support thousands of recruits preparing to head to the Western Front. Bring your family and join us at Historic Fort Snelling for this BRAND-NEW event and learn about Minnesota’s role in the Great War. Visit with costumed staff and reenactors, watch military demonstrations and weapons firings, and experience what life was like for Minnesotans during this crucial era.

Click on the event webpage to see the day’s schedule, get directions to Fort Snelling, and check the cost of admissions. (Remember that events like these and regular admission to the fort, the Minnesota History Center, and other historic sites around town are free with membership in the Minnesota Historical Society.)

Incidentally, the First World War more directly affected another portion of Fort Snelling: the Upper Post, across the highway from the “Historic Fort Snelling” site and now part of the Minneapolis Parks system. Our own Prof. Chris Gehrz wrote about the status of the Upper Post at his personal blog as part of a series last year on how WWI is commemorated in Minnesota.

And if you’re a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year student at Bethel interested in World War I, stay tuned for news about HIS230L World War I, the travel course led by Chris and department colleague Sam Mulberry, which will next visit Europe in January 2015.


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