Gilder Lehrman Collection to Be Digitized

Gilder Lehrman Institute logoLast week the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History announced that it would be digitizing most of its vast collection of primary sources, including copies of the first letter from Christopher Columbus to Ferdinand and Isabella, an early draft of the U.S. Constitution, “John Adams’s sarcastic list of George Washington’s ‘talents’ (talent #1 being ‘his good looks’) written only eight years after Washington’s death,” the Emancipation Proclamation, and an eyewitness account of the Titanic disaster:

Spanning from 1493 until the twentieth century, and particularly strong on the Revolutionary War and Civil War periods, the GLC includes letters, diaries, maps, pamphlets, printed books, newspapers, photographs, and ephemera. The political, social, and economic history of the United States is documented in this remarkable collection.

Under this new agreement Adam Matthew will digitize c.50,000 items, the vast majority of the archive.

The first half of the collection should be available late next year. The publisher has previously digitized collections from the British Library, the New York Public Library, Chicago’s Newberry Library, leading research universities like Cornell and Duke, and the UK National Archives.


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