Tell Us Your Story: The History Major as Athlete, Musician, or Actor

Throughout its history, one of the defining features of Bethel has been its commitment to educate the whole person. That happens in academics, as students pursue both specialized studies in a major like History or Social Studies Education and gain a well-rounded, liberal education from our rigorous, integrative gen ed curriculum. But if education is about more than intellectual formation, then it’s also important that our students pursue their passions and develop their talents in cocurricular activities like athletics, music, theatre, and more.

To help explain that holistic approach to education to prospective students interested in History and Social Studies Ed, we’d like to publish two or three posts here at AC 2nd in which current and former students talk about their experiences as student-athletes, student-musicians, or student-actors. (Or student-debaters, student-worship leaders, etc.)

If that describes you and you’d be willing to share your story… Please e-mail department chair Chris Gehrz with (a) your major and the extracurricular activities you do or did at Bethel, and (b) a paragraph reflecting on the experience of being a History or Social Studies major involved in those activities.

For the second part… You might think about how you’d respond to someone who’s surprised to learn that History majors play volleyball, or sing in the choir, or act in plays. Do you see your studies and your extracurricular pursuits reinforcing or resonating with each other? How do you make time for everything? Why do you think it’s beneficial for a student at a Christian liberal arts college to devote themselves both to academics and extracurriculars?

(Don’t feel like you need to answer all of that… Just a few possible prompts!)

Thanks for your help! We look forward to sharing your stories.


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