Nov. 14 Talk on the Middle Ages

“Why Would a Protestant Evangelical Care about Medieval Christianity?”

Notre-Dame de Chartres
One of the most famous symbols of medieval Christianity: the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres, about 50 miles southwest of Paris – Creative Commons (Olvr)

That’s the title of the next Prime Time in the Bethel University Library talk, taking this place this Thursday, Nov. 14th, at 10:20am. Church historian Chris Armstrong from Bethel Seminary and two colleagues from Bethel’s College of Arts & Sciences, literature scholar Mark Bruce, and philosopher Carrie Peffley (a former Bethel History minor), will share their interest in the Middle Ages and its relevance for 21st century Protestants who might be inclined to dismiss medieval Christianity as best left on the other side of the Reformation.

If you can’t make the talk, video will likely be available through the Bethel Digital Library. (Follow the Library’s own blog for those announcements.) Or visit Chris’ blog, Grateful to the dead, where he’s posted dozens of pieces of “medieval wisdom for modern Protestants” and is in the middle of an extended series sharing draft excerpts from his forthcoming book on C.S. Lewis and medieval Christianity. Or see a post from earlier this fall at our own Prof. Chris Gehrz’ personal blog, “A Baptist Pietist University Gets Medieval.”

And, of course, be looking for our own course on this important era in European and church history: HIS312 Medieval Europe, being taught this fall by Prof. Katie Thostenson.


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