Tim Krueger’s Lament for The Philippines

From Bethel History alum Tim Krueger (’10), who grew up in The Philippines and wrote a lament for that typhoon-ravaged country for Rachel Held Evans’ popular blog last night:

I mourn for my home. I’ve never met the people in the pictures, but I feel like I know them. What remains of their homes, stores, schools, streets, and markets looks familiar to me. The giant tangles of power and telephone lines are no different from the ones I used to marvel at through my dentist’s window. I don’t see a foreign country; I see my home….


I mourn the silence of many Christians I respect. I’m not talking so much about my immediate church community, who has been bathing the Philippines in prayer this week, but those voices that stake their reputations on biblical justice and reconciliation, demand that the church be more like Jesus and less like white America, and call us to enter into the narratives of pain and oppression in the world. When disaster strikes our shores, they have no shortage of ink to spill reminding us to have compassion on the victims, or to weigh in on the theological implications of so-called “acts of God.” But when thousands of bodies, caked in mud and pierced with splintered boards and rebar, lay baking and swelling in the ninety-degree heat, where is their ink? Where is their lament?

I believe it’s there, but it needs to be spoken more loudly and more often.

Read the full post (including suggestions for how you can help with relief efforts) here.

[Photo: Tacloban City, The Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan – Creative Commons: Trocaire]


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