A Belated Year in Review

Today is supposed to be the first day of J-term courses like ours on Muslim Women in History, World War II, Christianity in America, and Revolution and Political Development. But with North Pole-like temperatures here in the Twin Cities, Bethel has closed for the day. So before we get any deeper into 2014, let’s take the chance to belatedly announce our most popular posts from 2013:

  1. Get a Sneak Peek at the Kevin Cragg Retirement Video
  2. Welcome, Prof. Thostenson!
  3. Why Study History? Storytelling
  4. WWI: Week One Update (London)
  5. WWI: Week Two Update (The Western Front)
  6. Homecoming 2013: Learn How to Link the Liberal Arts to Life after Bethel
  7. Why Study History? Identity
  8. “Wounded and Healed”: A CWC Benediction
  9. From AC 2nd to… Leading Worship
  10. WWI: Week Three Update (Paris)
  11. History Plus… Athletics
  12. From AC 2nd to… Corporate Leadership
  13. RIP Olaf Olsen
  14. WWI: Final Update (Munich)
  15. History Majors Featured on Bethel Website: Hilary Ritchie and Michael Bumann
  16. Interim and Spring Course Previews: World War II
  17. The Best History Books of 2013?
  18. A Benediction for the Class of 2013
  19. One History Major’s Reflection on History and the (Model) United Nations
  20. Physics Major, History Minor

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