Social Studies Teachers at the Holocaust Museum

Alumni teaching social studies – If you’re interested in learning more about the Holocaust and how to teach it to middle and high schoolers, consider applying for a couple of summer events hosted by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Holocaust train boxcar at US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Holocaust train boxcar at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum – Creative Commons (zenobia_joy)

First, the Belfer National Conference for Educators will hold its social studies section on July 16-18, 2014:

…Museum educators and scholars share rationales, strategies, and approaches for teaching about the Holocaust. Participants have the opportunity to tour the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition, as well as the special exhibitions Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story and Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration and Complicity in the Holocaust, and to explore the Museum’s full range of resources. Those who complete the conference receive a set of educational materials and a voucher worth $100 to purchase Holocaust-related materials in the Museum Shop.

Apply before July 3rd. There’s no cost to attend the conference itself, but you’re responsible for your own transportation and lodging. (Some scholarships are available.)

The Belfer Conference is especially meant for relatively new educators. Those with 5+ years of experience teaching the Holocaust are welcome to take part, but they might instead consider the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program, which “enables talented teachers to become leaders in Holocaust education, bringing the history and lessons of the Holocaust to new places and new audiences.” Apply by March 17 to be considered for one of twenty all-expenses paid spots in this year’s summer institute (held at the museum on July 20-24, 2014). Those selected then create and implement an outreach project and return in 2015 for a follow-up experience.


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