Students won’t start registering for them until after next week’s Spring Break, but we’re happy to announce our Fall 2014 courses: (organized by day offered)




HIS245L History of Women in America

Diana Magnuson

MWF 8am

HIS/POS356 Modern Middle East

Amy Poppinga

MWF 9am

HIS200L American Civilization

AnneMarie Kooistra

MWF 11am

HIS301 A New Nation

Diana Magnuson

MWF 11am

HIS/GEO320K History and the Human Environment

Amy Poppinga

MWF 12:30am

HIS354 Modern Europe

Chris Gehrz

MWF 2:50pm

HIS499 Senior Seminar

AnneMarie Kooistra

M 6pm

HIS335G The Reformations

Christian Collins Winn

TR 2:25pm

HIS210U Minorities in America

Ruben Rivera

R 6pm

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