Schedule for Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium

This Saturday, March 29th, several Bethel students and professors will join peers from Bethany Lutheran College and the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for the inaugural Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium. The event is free and open to the public:

All events on the 2nd floor of Riley Hall at Northwestern (click here for directions and a campus map)

8:30am Opening Remarks

Jonathan Den Hartog, Northwestern

8:45-10:05 Session I: Concurrent Panels

1. Conflicts Medieval and Modern

Joshua Weber, Northwestern, “Hussite and Czech: The Hussite Movement as a Religious and Nationalistic Movement”

Diana Marzinske, Bethany Lutheran, “Napoleon and Latin American Independence”

Travis Drescher,¬†Bethany Lutheran, “Florence Nightingale and the Rise of the Modern Nursing Movement”

Chair: Katie Thostenson, Bethel

2. Topics in Cultural, Social, and Economic History

Christina Haselerhansen, Bethany Lutheran, “Arts and Its Reflection of Culture during the American Revolution”

Jessica Johnson, Northwestern, “Reason and Religion: Jane Austen’s Theological Beliefs and the 18th Century Anglican Church”

Gretchen Luhmann, Bethel, “Refashioning the Department Store: A Short History of Dayton’s”

Chair: Jonathan Den Hartog, Northwestern

10:05-10:25 Break

10:25-11:45 Session II: Concurrent Panels

3. Communism and Conflict in the 20th Century

Fletcher Warren, Bethel, “The Spanish Civil War in International Perspective”

Kelly Van Wyk, Bethel, “Poolside Freedom Fighters: How the 1956 Hungarian Olympic Water Polo Team Came to Represent a Revolution”

Rose Muska, Northwestern, “Rejecting Class in the Soviet Union: Bourgeoisie in Ballroom”

Chair: Matthew Miller, Northwestern

4. The Recent History of American Foreign Relations

Annie Berglund, Bethel, “Protests, Patriotism, Prayer: Bethel College Students and the Vietnam Debate”

Joel Anderson, Bethel, “The Intelligence Wars: Keeping the CIA Accountable”

Ryan Soderholm, Northwestern, “9/11: A Look at the Sources”

Chair: AnneMarie Kooistra, Bethel

11:45-12:00 Break

12:00-1:00 Plenary Session: Christian Historians and Their Vocations

Jonathan Den Hartog, Northwestern

Amy Poppinga, Bethel

Tim Schmeling, Bethany Lutheran

Moderator: Chris Gehrz, Bethel


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