G.W. CarlsonAlumni of our department might be interested to know that our longtime colleague G.W. Carlson (who taught full-time at Bethel from 1968 to 2012 and still offers his course on Christian Non-Violence as a gen ed capstone option on Tuesday evenings) has been busy writing and editing. Among his recent works:

• Edited by GW, The Baptist Pietist Clarion entered its twelfth year of publication, with a new issue coming out last March. It includes several articles by GW: tributes to Jim Spickelmier (former Bethel campus pastor and administrator and author of several works on Bethel/BGC history) and Walfred Peterson (former Bethel political science professor) and a brief history of Nathaniel Schmidt, the Swedish Baptist pastor who worked with “Social Gospel” pioneer Walter Rauschenbusch.

• An extended version of his tribute to Wally Peterson appeared earlier at The Pietist Schoolman, where GW occasionally guest-blogs.

• Last month at that blog he eulogized V. Elving Anderson, a leading evangelical biologist who started his career on Bethel’s faculty before moving to the University of Minnesota’s Dight Institute for Human Genetics. (Last summer he shared reflections on the lives of Virgil Olson, the dean of Bethel/BGC historians, and the “radical Baptist peacemaker” Will D. Campbell.)

• And earlier this morning he offered some commentary on An Invitation on the Pathwaya version of the “Stations of the Cross” produced this Lent for Central Baptist Church in St. Paul. GW also authored the last of its fourteen devotional reflections, on “The Burial of Jesus.” (And one of the fourteen associated artworks — for “The Judgment by Pilate” — is a painting by longtime Bethel art professor Dale Johnson.)

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