Having already helped usher in an early 21st century podcasting boom at Bethel as the co-founder of CWC: The Radio Show, The Policastand our own Historia!, Prof. Sam Mulberry has started his own podcast, Autobiography.

Logo for The Autobiography Podcast and Blog

Among Sam’s first interview subjects are History Department colleagues Amy Poppinga and Chris Gehrz, who share their stories of becoming historians and teachers.

Why record long-form interviews with fellow Bethel professors about their intellectual autobiographies? Sam roots his interest in such stories in his early days teaching Christianity and Western Culture with our now-retired colleague Kevin Cragg:

Amy Poppinga and Sam Mulberry
Amy and Sam

When I attended my first CWC summer planning meeting in June of 2001, I was initiated into yet another aspect of Kevin’s focus and interest in stories.  As a new faculty member, I was asked to tell my intellectual autobiography to the other nine members of my teaching team. Kevin wanted me to tell everyone else about who I was and how the sources and trajectories of my life led me to teaching this course at this school at this moment.  Who was I?  What was I interested in and why?  What questions shaped or drove my life? When I was finished telling my story, he asked everyone else on the team to tell their intellectual autobiographies too.  His idea was simple: “How can we teach as a team if we don’t know each other? And how can we know each other if we don’t know each other’s stories?”…

That is the purpose of this podcast.  I want to sit down and talk with the people I know. To collect their stories and their wisdom. I want to be open to what I can learn about teaching, and God, and life.

(These podcasts might have particular interest for students and alumni considering graduate school, as the interviews often explore that experience.)

Learn more about Autobiography at its blog, or subscribe at iTunes.

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