Just a Popularity Contest…

Tim Goddard in Bangalore, India (2014)
Tim Goddard (’04), vice president of marketing for Corum Group

New to AC 2nd, or getting caught up on what’s happening with the Bethel History Department? Why not start with our ten most popular posts this far into 2014?

  1. Learn More about the Situation in Ukraine
  2. From AC 2nd to… VP of Marketing
  3. Why Study History?: Identity
  4. Meet Bethel’s New Admissions Directory, Bret Hyder (’04)
  5. Learn About Our January 2015 World War I Travel Course!
  6. Senior Sem Journal: What Do Historians Do?
  7. Schedule for Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium
  8. Our Fall 2014 Courses
  9. Want to Learn More about World War II with Our New WWII Class?
  10. The Best History Books of 2013?

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