Dispatches from the Conference on Faith and History

Greetings from the campus of Pepperdine University in beautiful Malibu, CA, where I’m attending the biennial meeting of the Conference on Faith and History (CFH).

CFH is a rather ecumenical society of Christian historians — mostly evangelical and Reformed, but also attracting some mainline, Catholic, Orthodox, and (in recent years) Mormon scholars. It’s been profoundly influential in my own development as a historian, helping me to become a better teacher and researcher, but most of all, to think more deeply about how Christian faith and practice can nourish the study of history.

CFH2014confThis year its conference focuses on the theme “Christian Historians and Their Publics,” taking up an increasingly salient question among professional historians: how do we move beyond the confines of the academy?

I’ll be speaking this afternoon on a panel about “Christian Historians and Social Media” — sharing, in part, the experience of writing for this blog. Then tomorrow I’ll chair a roundtable discussion of how Christian historians can help institutions like colleges and churches going through seasons of change.

For a preview of those sessions and the others that I plan to attend, see Thursday’s post at my personal blog. Or follow my Twitter feed (I’m live-tweeting several sessions) or those of others using the #cfh2014 hashtag.


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