Announcing Our Interim 2015 Courses

Today is Advising Day at Bethel University, as professors meet with students to start making plans for their Interim and Spring 2015 courses. Actual registration is still a couple of weeks away, but here’s a preview of what’s on for the History Department. We’ll start with J-term, then share Spring courses tomorrow.

HIS223L History of the American West

Prof. AnneMarie Kooistra will help students explore the history and mythology of the American frontier; as always, expect lots of movies and a costume day!

HIS230L World War I

Profs. Chris Gehrz and Sam Mulberry lead their second trip to Europe, taking a dozen students to sites in London, Oxford, the former Western Front, Paris, and Munich.

The Cenotaph
From the 2013 WWI trip: class in front of The Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, England

POS/HIS241L Revolution and Political Development

Prof. Chris Moore, Bethel’s resident international relations specialist, regularly teaches this cross-listed class, comparing revolutions and democratization from multiple eras and regions.


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