Announcing Our Spring 2015 Courses

We’ll be down one historian in the spring, as Diana Magnuson goes on sabbatical, but Bethel students will still have a great set of History courses to pick from when they register for courses in a few days: (we previewed J-term courses yesterday)

HIS200L American Civilization (AnneMarie Kooistra)

HIS205U History of China, Korea, and Japan (Paul Reasoner – Philosophy)

HIS209L Christianity in America (Ruben Rivera)

HIS/POS216L American Constitutional History (Duncan McCampbell – adjunct)

HIS217UZ Hispanic Christianity (Rivera)

*HIS290 Introduction to History (Chris Gehrz)

HIS/POS305G The Cold War (Gehrz)

*HIS311 Roman Civilization (Katie Thostenson – adjunct)

HIS/GEO320K History and the Human Environment (Amy Poppinga)

HIS/POS329 African Politics (Andy Bramsen – Political Science)

HIS350 Modern America (Kooistra)

Intro to History is making its debut this spring. Both it and Roman Civ are being taught as hybrid courses, with online and face-to-face elements.

• This spring Amy Poppinga is also teaching HON205U Finding Community on the Margin in Bethel’s Honors program.

• Poppinga, Chris Gehrz, and Sam Mulberry will be teaching in GES130 Christianity and Western Culture, as will alum Scott Kirchoff ’03.


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