Want a Great Return on Your College Investment? Major in History!

History majors can go into just about any career, so I’m sure there’s a vast range of future earnings for people who spend their college years studying the past. But on average, it seems to pay off really well.

Forbes contributor Jeffrey Dorfman analyzed salary data collected by the job search website PayScale.com and found that humanities majors like history, philosophy, and English are nothing like the go-nowhere, barista-training bastions of impracticality that STEM and business zealots make them out to be. According to his calculations, the average history major can expect to earn over half a million dollars more than the average high school graduate over the course of her career. Even allowing for the cost of a private college education, a History major is clearly a good investment for most students!

(And that’s before we even turn to the less tangible benefits: character formation, cultural competency, passion for the subject, etc.)


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