The ten most popular AC 2nd posts written in 2014:

  1. Caleb Graff
    Caleb Graff ’10, who earned a research fellowship with the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee after finishing his master’s in American government and public policy

    From AC 2nd to… Capitol Hill

  2. From AC 2nd to… Dean of Student Life
  3. Learn About Our January 2015 World War I Travel Course!
  4. From AC 2nd to… VP of Marketing
  5. Meet Bethel’s New Admissions Director, Bret Hyder (’04)
  6. Learn More about the Situation in the Ukraine
  7. The End of an Age: Mike Holmes’ Final CWC Lecture
  8. Visualizing the Careers of America’s History Majors
  9. Senior Seminar Presentations Tonight!
  10. Senior Sem Journal: What Do Historians Do?

See you in 2015! In the coming days we’ll have student posts from Modern Europe, a report on a new book from one of our professors, and information on how you can follow along with our WWI travel course…

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