@BethelHistory (We’re on Twitter!)

Another semester, another social medium…

Having conquered WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube (more about that channel coming on Wednesday!), it was high time we moved on to Twitter.

We’ll use the Twitter account to pass along news and announcements, to “live-tweet” events like student and faculty presentations, and to share archival nuggets like this early Bethel football team photo.

But it should be especially useful in helping us to recover one of our initial goals for this blog, one that’s proven hard to sustain week in and week out:

To help our students and alumni develop as lifelong learners. Look for us to suggest books, articles, blogs, movies, TV shows, plays, museum exhibitions, etc….

While we’ll still do that off and on here at AC 2nd, Twitter makes it easy for us quickly to pass along interesting posts, articles, reviews, announcements, etc. as we come across them — and for our students and alumni to click on those links as they appear in their own news feed.

So if you’re on Twitter (or looking for a reason to get started with it), follow us @BethelHistory!


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