Today we’re very happy to announce the debut of Past & Presence, a weekly webisode series featuring the faculty, alumni, and students of the Bethel History Department!

Produced by Profs. Sam Mulberry and Chris Gehrz for our new Intro to History course, each episode of Past & Presence runs about 25-30 minutes and features four elements:

  • A conversation among our faculty (or, at least once, some of our TAs) about whatever the week’s big question is in Intro to History. We start with an especially big one: “What is history?”
  • An interview with a faculty member or alumnus about how they decided to study history, what they appreciate about their time at Bethel, and how they discerned their calling coming out of college.
  • Minute-long ads for fall courses (so that our first-year students can make informed choices when registration rolls around in early April) or programs like study abroad, pre-law, seminary, or grad school.
  • Interstitial linking segments hosted by Prof. Gehrz from a variety of locations around Bethel, the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and beyond, including Bethel’s old campus on Snelling Avenue, the Minnesota History Center, the North West Company Fur Post, and even some of the great cathedrals of Europe.

Look for new episodes every Wednesday through the end of spring semester, both here at AC 2nd and on our department’s YouTube channel.

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