Wednesday’s Webisode: Fields within History

Check out the second episode of our new department webisode series, Past & Presence, now available on YouTube:

After last week saw us wrestling with huge questions about the entire discipline of history, today we start to explore some narrower fields within history; Amy Poppinga (religious, environmental) and Diana Magnuson (women’s, social) are our special conversation guests for that topic.

Elsewhere in the episode, we hear Sam Mulberry’s “conversion story”: from arriving at Bethel as an budding Computer Science major to his present position as a history professor and director of Bethel’s Academic Enrichment and Support Center. (Not to mention co-creator of Past & Presence!) And he’s just one of the many Bethel History alumni featured; Emily (Katzenmaier) Busta, Ralph Gustafson, Scott Kirchoff, and Mike Vedders have all returned to their alma mater at some point to work in fields as diverse as coaching, church relations, graduate advising, and web services. Plus an introduction to the Oregon Extension as an off-campus semester opportunity, and an ad for our fall 2015 course HIS302 History of Sexuality in the United States.


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