Teaching Award for Bethel Social Studies Ed Alum

Congratulations to our alumna Emily Anderson ’04, recently given the Economic Educator Excellence Award by the Minnesota Council on Economics Education after previously being a finalist for the state Teacher of the Year award.

After several changes of major while a student at Bethel, Anderson found a home in the Social Studies Education 5-12 program and went on to add a master’s at Bethel. In addition to economics, Anderson teaches U.S. government courses at Blaine High School. She talked with ABC Newspapers about the importance of forging connections with her students:

To be able to be part of their lives and impact their lives is the most rewarding… I love that the subject matter is something that we can make connections to in their lives and show them the relevance — like opportunity cost. I spend a lot of time trying to get them to see the significance of [economic concepts].

Anderson’s principal at Blaine, John Phelps, called her an “extraordinary educator,” citing “her enthusiasm, knowledge, willingness to search for better teaching techniques, and modeling of her passion for learning.”


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