Wednesday’s Webisode: Secondary and Tertiary Sources

Now available on YouTube: episode 3 of Past & Presence, our department webisode series.

A clear theme runs through this episode: it’s hosted from locations in the Bethel University Library, features cameos by two of our librarians (one a former student of our department), and includes an alum interview with Kevin McGrew ’88, director of libraries at the College of St. Scholastica. Indeed, our HIS290 Intro to History met in the library this week to start work on an annotated bibliography assignment. To help guide them, our faculty conversation features Diana Magnuson and AnneMarie Kooistra discussing secondary and tertiary sources, the value of footnotes and bibliographies, and the significance of historiography.

Finally, look for ads for HIS320K History and the Human Environment and our travel course, HIS230L World War I (the latter featuring video shot by Sam Mulberry in Europe during the January 2015 iteration of that course).


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