Want to Be a History Department TA?

Our TAs at the 2014 department Christmas party
It’s not all work: here several of our TAs (and Prof. Amy Poppinga) compete in the coloring contest at last winter’s Christmas party

Now that Bethel is past spring break, we’re all starting to look to the end of one school year… but also to the start of another. So in late April or early May, our faculty will be hiring teaching assistants (TAs) for 2015-16.

Typically, each of our professors works with one or two TAs, and several of this year’s group are graduating. So we’ll be hiring several new TAs.

For more information, please read the job description and requirements below. Then if you’re interested in being considered for a TA position, simply contact department chair Chris Gehrz no later than April 15th.

History Department Teaching Assistant (TA)

Job Title: Student Teaching Assistant

Department: History

Contact: Prof. Chris Gehrz, department chair (cgehrz@bethel.edu)


  • Assist professor with teaching — including grading quizzes and short papers, leading exam review sessions, managing Moodle course pages, etc. (If the responsibilities are attached to a specific class, the student will generally need to have taken that course before.)
  • TAs may also assist professors with research or administrative tasks, and one TA works with Prof. Magnuson in the BGC/Bethel archives (see special requirements below) instead of assisting with teaching.
  • Work with faculty and other TAs to help plan extracurricular events for the department.


  • A major in History or Social Studies Education 5-12 is preferred.
  • Students should have at least sophomore standing.
  • Students filling the archival assistant role (see above) need to have an interest in curation and preservation of historical materials, care about details and doing careful work, be comfortable working with the public (patrons with various research abilities), have neat printing, be able to do some physical labor (lift and break down boxes, move physical objects), and not be allergic to dust.
  • Specific expectations (including understanding of federal privacy regulations) will be laid out at a training session in early September. Attendance is mandatory for all TAs.

Hours: varies (no more than 5/week)

Start Date: August 31, 2015

End Date: May 20, 2016 (students can also work fall, interim, or spring-only)

Pay Rate: varies (consult with Bethel’s Office of Financial Aid)


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